"BlackFolkRockStar" is the solo debut album of quadruple threat, Carla Duren.  
Establishing herself as an accomplished dancer, singer and actress, while
touring the world with incredible artists ranging from Toshi Reagon,
Robert Wilson, Amel Larrieux, Deborah Cox, Tamia, Kelis, Talib Kweli, Pink & Bette Midler
Carla now shows the world she can add songwriter to the list.  
Her soulful collection of self-written and produced tracks make for a point of  
view that is both intimate and universal at the same time.  Her  
powerful voice and poignant lyrics are able to touch people of all  
generations. Songs like "Ostrich" and "Resuscitate My Soul" are  
therapeutic to the spirit, and some have even said life changing. With  
a sound that brings pop, soul and folk music together; she transcends  
typical genres.  Her musical versatility is the impetus for the title  
track "BlackFolkRockStar,"  an inspirational anthem that inspires  
everyone to define their own dream for themselves; making everyone  
from all walks of life to want to sing along that they too" wanna'  be  
a BlackFolkRockStar!" 

The Butterfly Project (2021)

Carla is currently working on her second solo album.  Her second album is inspired by the recent world events that have encouraged her to go inward and pen several new songs about undergoing transformation.  For this reason she’s calling it “The Butterfly Project”, and has released all the demos on her Patreon page:  “Chrysalis” was the initial inspiration for The Butterfly Project, and she has written 4 other songs capturing the essence of the transformation occurring around her as the world evolved into a new way of being.  The second demo entitled “Golden”, had its live performance debut at Joe's Pub in New York City during a show in which she was performing with the prolific and profound Toshi Reagon and Toshi's band BigLovely, with whom Carla frequently performs.  Carla released a new demo each month for the first half of 2021 on her Patreon page and the proceeds will fund the final production of the album.  If you’d like to contribute to the final production of “The Butterfly Project” and get access to the demos and other updates and behind the scenes exclusives for her Patreon audience only, click the icon below to join her Patreon page.  

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All love offerings will go towards making studio productions of the demos to be released on “The Butterfly Project” album. Your Love will be amplified out into the Universe. Thank you

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